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Technology is a crucial asset for growing your business, but allocating and implementing your technology will determine the trajectory of your growth. If you don’t make the right investments and fail to implement the new solutions on time and within budget, you will lose the opportunity to maximize your ROI. To prevent suboptimal revenue and wasted resources, you need a knowledgeable partner who will act as your guide in all things business IT.

Instead, choose a reliable technology partner that can implement technology solutions to meet your business goals: Choose Duck Technologies. As your IT consulting partner, we’ll provide guidance and optimized technology solutions that accelerate your growth, lower IT costs, and improve your workflows.

Our IT consultants will also work as your business consultants by analyzing your future goals, current needs, and budget before recommending technology solutions to help you achieve business success. We’ll create long-term IT strategies for allocation and investment, handle vendor management, ensure seamless implementations, and provide reliable IT project management support. With Duck Technologies by your side, you’ll have IT that scales up to meet your goals and the confidence to take on more challenges.



Here’s what our clients have to say:

Our suite of Managed IT services optimize your IT and improve your productivity

With maximized network uptime, strong cybersecurity protocols, and more streamlined operations, your staff can focus on delivering outstanding services to your customers.

Managed IT Services

With proactive technology management and customized IT solutions, you’ll see increased productivity and less downtime

Disaster Recovery Planning

Minimize downtime and losses due to disasters through effective recovery planning

Data Backup Solutions

Automated, easily retrievable data backup solutions keep your mission-critical data safe, even if disaster strikes


Reduce hardware investments and increase data security through our virtualization solutions

Server Support

Responsive support and proactive maintenance for your servers for maximum uptime and performance

Cybersecurity Solutions

With our robust cybersecurity solutions and round-the-clock monitoring, your IT network is safe from even the most sophisticated threats

VoIP Solutions

Improve your business communication and increase phone functionality while reducing your monthly phone bills


Use state-of-the-art technology hardware without the hassles of procurement and maintenance

Desktop Support

Minimize downtime and frustration with responsive remote and onsite technology support from our specialists

We’ve partnered with the best technology vendors in the industry to
give our clients the finest IT consulting solutions in Long Island

Why choose Duck Technologies as your Long Island IT Consultants?

Duck Technologies was founded in 1995 with the mission to deliver specialized IT services that help businesses grow. We pride ourselves on our superior, specialized IT support and technology consulting services to a wide range of businesses across many industries. Our goal is to implement IT solutions that improve productivity while keeping costs down to make a huge positive impact on growing SMBs.

We want to make your IT systems more efficient, and make your technology easier and more enjoyable to use. After all, even the best solutions on the market aren’t going to mean anything if they can’t help you reach your business’s objectives.

In addition to optimized IT operations, we also provide proactive maintenance and responsive technical support that help you resolve IT issues quickly and help you return to normal operations as soon as possible.

Whether you’re concerned with the heavy future investments needed to scale up your IT networks, or worried that your current IT can’t meet your growing business demands, Duck Technologies will deliver strategic guidance to help you overcome these challenges. Our effective IT consulting services deliver what you need without overstepping the boundaries of your budget, so we can assist your Long Island business no matter its size or sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

IT consulting services involve customized IT project management and advisory services on how an organization can best leverage technology to achieve business goals and maximum ROI.

Yes, as a part of IT consulting services, your consultants can manage IT projects of different sizes and complexities from start to finish. These include assessments, planning, vendor management, implementation, and ongoing support.

Most IT projects fail because of unclear specifications and unforeseen risks. A clear specification with an acceptance testing plan guarantees that the final outcome meets your requirements. Identifying and managing potential risks ensures that your projects will not experience substantial budget overruns, schedule delays, and possibly even complete failure.

The two most important qualities to consider when selecting an IT project manager are certifications and a proven track record of success. Certifications guarantee knowledge while a portfolio of past successful work shows relevant, hands-on experience and industry insight.

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